USA, Spotter Soldier, 1942

ATT inf 9/7/-
ATT veh 2/-/-
Cost 7.00
Def 5/5
Speed 1

Lead the Way
Once per turn, this unit can reroll a single attack die or movement roll.

Close Assault 7
This unit has an attack value of 7 against Vehicles in its hex. This attack ignores cover.

Set Reserves, 21/45 c

Official Errata

Q: What units are considered to be Spotters?
A: Any unit with the Spotter special ability. There are also some units that have the subtype Spotter like the US Ranger (Soldier-Spotter). A unit with the Improved Indirect Fire SA can use any spotter including the US Ranger even though it doesn't have the Spotter SA.

Q: Can a US Ranger give Aircraft the Spotter bonus?
A: No. Rangers are Soldier-Spotters but don't have the Spotter special ability that gives Aircraft the attack bonus.

Q: Can the US Ranger spot for indirect fire units both before and after it moves in the assault phase or only if it doesn't move during the assault phase?
A: Because the US Ranger doesn't have the Chatting on the Radio SA, it can move and then spot or spot and then move.

Q: Are Commanders considered to be spotters?
A: Only artillery with the Improved Indirect Fire special ability allows a Commander to spot for it. So unless the SA of artillery specifically states it, the Commander can't spot for artillery.

Q: Can a Spotter provide the aircraft bonus to Aircraft attacking other Aircraft?
A: According to the 11/12/09 Rules Update; this special ability provides a bonus only for attacks against Vehicles and Soldiers.

Q: What if a spotter is looking at a target's rear, but the artillery is in the front arc? Does the indirect artillery hit the front or rear defense?
A: Whether you hit the front or rear of a target depends on the facing of the target to the artillery unit. A spotter doesn't change this. It only allows the artillery unit to ignore line of sight.

Q: If I use Rockets or Bombs on an enemy unit and I have a unit with the Spotter SA that is within eight hexes and has line of sight to the target do I get to roll an extra attack die for the Rockets or Bombs attack?
A: Yes.

Q: Can a Spotter be used to spot for Aircraft and Indirect Artillery in the same phase?
A: Yes.


Special Abilities Errata & FAQ

Close Assault 7

This unit has an attack value of 7 against Vehicles in its hex. This attack ignores cover.

Q: Can a Solder perform a Close Assault while loaded on a Vehicle with Fighting Platform?
A: Yes. Close Assault can be used without dismounting, if the transport has Fighting Platform.


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