Carro Armato M11/39

Italy, Tank Vehicle, 1940

ATT inf 8/7/6
ATT veh 9/7/5
Cost 10.00
Def 3/2
Speed 3

Fixed Gun
This unit can attack Vehicles only if they are in front of this unit.

Set North Africa, 54/60 u


Special Abilities Errata & FAQ

Fixed Gun

This unit can attack Vehicles only if they are in front of this unit.

Q: Which tanks in AAM currently have no turret?
A: The Australian Carro Armato M11/39 is the only one with the Fixed Gun special ability while the British Archer has the only Fixed Rear Gun SA. All the rest either have the Fixed Howitzer SA or the No Turret SA.

As of set 9, these units have a Fixed Howitzer:
Polish TKS Ursus Tankette, American M12 GMC & M7 105mm Priest, Soviet SU-122, ISU-122, SU-152 and the German SIG 33, STUG III Ausf. D, Hummel, Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbar"
, Wespe.

These units have No Turret:
The Soviet SU-76M & SU-85, Italian Semovente L40 da 47/32, Semovente 75/18 & Semovente 90/53, the Finnish STUG-III Ausf. G, the Japanese Type 1 Ho-Ni, the German Panzerjager I, Marder II, Elefant, Nashorn, Marder III Ausf. M, STUG III Ausf. G, SS-Jagdpanther, Jagdpanzer 38(T) Hetzer, Jagdpanzer IV/48, Jagdpanzer IV/70(V), Jagdpanther & Jagdtiger.

Q: What is the difference between No Turret and Fixed Howitzer?
A: Vehicles with the Fixed Howitzer SA can only target Vehicles and Soldiers that are located in their front firing arc. In comparison, Vehicles with the No Turret SA are restricted to attacking Vehicles in front of them, but can target Soldiers in any direction using their anti-Soldier value.

Q: How can my tank with a fixed turret perform defensive fire?
A: They can only use defensive fire against a target that is "in front of" your tank. In the case of the British Archer tank, it can only target units that are "behind" it. In either case, they can't target an enemy unit within their own hex. This is important to remember because if an enemy Vehicle attempts to enter the same hex as your fixed turreted tank, you can only perform the defensive fire while that enemy Vehicle is in the first hex. Once it enters the same hex as your fixed turreted tank, you can no longer target it.

Q: What about the American M3 Lee, British Grant I and French Char B1-BIS?
A: These tanks are special cases since they have both a turreted gun and an additional Hull- Mounted Cannon. For defensive fire, an enemy vehicle would need to be in front of these tanks in order for them to use their Hull-Mounted Cannon SA. Otherwise, they must use the attack values of their turreted gun.

Q: Is there a difference between the French Extra Hull-Mounted Cannon and the US/UK version?
A: Yes. The French version has 8/7/5 for its' cannon compared to the stronger 12/10/8 for the US/UK version. More importantly, the French cannon can be used verses Soldiers and Vehicles. The US/UK version can only be used verses Vehicles.

Q: Can a fixed turreted tank fire at soldiers or vehicles in its' hex during a normal attack in the assault phase?
A: No. Tanks with fixed turrets can't fire at enemy units within their own hex. But in the case of the M3 Lee, it could use its' turret mounted gun verses a target in its own hex.

Q: What exactly do you mean by the terms "in front of" and "behind"?
A: Here is a diagram to explain it:
Everything in the green hexes is "in front of" this Vehicle. Everything in the orange hexes is "behind" it. The blue hexes are neither "in front of" nor "behind' this vehicle. If the vehicle in the diagram has the Fixed Howitzer special ability, then it can attack only those targets that are in the green hexes. If instead it has the No Turret special ability, then it can attack Soldiers in the green, blue, and orange hexes, but it can only attack Vehicles if they are in the green hexes. If the Vehicle pictured was a British Archer tank destroyer with its Fixed Rear Gun SA, then it could only attack those targets that are "behind" it.


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